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User Roadmap

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πŸš€ As a mapper, I can have live mapping updates when online or can work entirely offline, for maximum flexibility. πŸ—ΊοΈ As a mapper, I can easily download offline basemaps so I can navigate without connectivity. πŸ“» As a project manager, I can deploy FMTM on a small field-based device in environments with connectivity restrictions.
🎨 As a project manager, I have a standard/advanced project creation workflow, depending on my preferences and familiarity with the tools. 🌍 As a project manager, I can export (+merge) the final data to OpenStreetMap to make it accessible. πŸ“± As software developers, we will continue to collaborate with ODK to improve the experience in ODK Collect.
πŸ”— As I mapper, I can open ODK Collect directly from FMTM, with a feature pre-selected, speeding up my workflow. πŸͺ“ As a project manager, I expect and reliable and configurable task splitting algorithm. πŸ“– All users of FMTM have up to date documentation and tutortials for each step.
πŸ”’ As a project manager, I need to manage various additional user roles (validator, field admin) to ensure my project runs smoothly.

Last update: July 21, 2024