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Frontend Deployment for Development

1. Start the Frontend with Docker

This is the easiest way to manage all of the services together.

1A: Starting the API Containers

For details on how to run the API first, please see: Backend Docs

1B: Starting the Frontend Containers

  1. You will need to Install Docker and ensure that it is running on your local machine.
  2. From the command line: navigate to the top level directory of the FMTM project.
  3. From the command line run: docker compose build ui This is essential, as the development container for the frontend is different to production.
  4. Once everything is built, from the command line run: docker compose up -d ui

  5. If everything goes well you should now be able to navigate to the project in your browser: http://fmtm.localhost:7050

Note: during development, if you rebuild the frontend, then run 'docker compose up -d', the node_modules directory may not be updated. To solve this, use the flag: --renew-anon-volumes on docker compose up.

2. Start the Frontend locally

2A: Navigate to the frontend subdirectory

cd src/frontend

2B: Install dependencies

npm install

2C. Run the project

Run the frontend with hot-reloading: npm run dev

The frontend should now be accessible at:<PORT_NUMBER>

Frontend Tips

The frontend is built with React and Typescript. Here are some tips on how to work with the frontend:

Adding Environment Variables

To add environment variables, create a .env.local file in the src/frontend directory. Any variables defined here will override those in .env.

Adding New Routes

To add a new route, create a new page in the src/frontend/pages directory. Then add a new entry to the src/frontend/router.tsx file.

Adding New Components

To add a new component, create a new .tsx file in the src/frontend/ components directory.

Frontend Testing

To run the frontend tests locally, run:

docker compose run --rm ui-test

To run the FMTM UI for interactive testing, run:

docker compose up -d
docker compose run --rm ui-test npx -y playwright open http://ui:7051

Last update: July 21, 2024